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Shoulder Allograft Augmentation and Superior Capsular Reconstruction for Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

What is Allograft Augmentation for Rotator Cuff Tears?

  • In the event of a massive rotator cuff tear that is not repairable, your surgeon may decide to place a graft of either allograft (cadaver) or autograft (your own) tissue.
  • Augmentation: The graft may be sutured on top of the repaired tendon to augment the repair and provide additional strength.
  • Interposition: The graft may also be sutured to the end of the retracted tendon and then to the bone to act as a bridge. This restores the rotator cuff muscle attachment back to the bone.  This is performed if the tendon has significant retraction and cannot be sutured directly to bone. 
  • If your tear is large, severely retracted, ask your physician if you are a candidate for this surgery.
  • Hommen performs this surgical procedure.

What is a “Superior Capsular Reconstruction” for rotator cuff tears?

  • Indicated for younger patients with a massive and retracted rotator cuff tear with significant muscle atrophy that is deemed not repairable.
  • Indicated for patients who are not ideal candidates for a shoulder replacement surgery with a hemiarthroplasty or reverse shoulder replacement implants.
  • Involves the use of allograft or autograft tissue sutured from the humeral tuberosity rotator cuff attachment site to the superior glenoid rim.
  • Acts as an internal humeral head depressor, thereby stabilizing the humeral head within the socket and preventing anterior or superior shoulder escape.
  • To see if you are a candidate for a superior capsule reconstruction, ask your physician.
  • Hommen performs this surgical procedure.
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